Photographer from Orange County, California currently based in Boise, Idaho. 

Lifestyle photography, music, and entertainment are fields that are specialized in. 

I always seek new ways to better my photography, and how to see life creatively through a lens.

I believe it takes more than just seeing an object to understand it. One must really look. One must be able to take time to look at different objects to understand them, & to perceive them, in their own ways. 

Photography is my medium to evoke emotion, feeling, and ideas of how or why something is what it is.

"I do have my own personal convictions and values, and I live by those. But as an artist, as a...photographer, my job is to tell the truth and to capture someone's spirit on a certain day. And it's never the whole truth; it's the truth I experience in a very intense and intimate fashion"

- Platon




Taylor Lippman